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Welcome to Morning Glory Therapy, Inc.

Mobile Sensory Gym with Speech & Language Services

Morning Glory Therapy is a mobile, pediatric clinic located in San Clemente, CA providing child-led, play based services through engagement, connection, and sensory integration. We bring these services directly to you! We offer a variety of services including free phone consultations, individual therapy, sensory play sessions, and more!

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Convenient, mobile therapy services

At Morning Glory Therapy, we are dedicated to helping children achieve their communication goals. We provide personalized therapy tailored to the unique needs of each child. We believe in working collaboratively with families to achieve the best outcomes for their children.



Speech and Language Therapy Sessions

Free Consultations

We understand the importance of finding the best possible speech and language services for your child. That’s why we’re excited to offer a free consultation call to answer any questions you might have and discuss your child’s specific needs. During this brief call, we’ll work together to determine the best path forward to help your child communicate with confidence. Schedule your consultation call with Morning Glory Therapy today.

Home Visits

At Morning Glory Therapy, we provide speech and language services right in the comfort of your own home. Our play-based, child-led therapy approach focuses on building strong connections with your child while making therapy fun and engaging. We use sensory integration techniques to enhance your child's learning experience while prioritizing connection over compliance. Let us help your child discover their full potential. Schedule a home visit with us today.


What Parents Say

Theresa O.

"My son had the privilege of working with Ms. Kayla. She consistently offered encouragement and devoted herself to aiding my son in reaching his objectives. In addition to assisting my son, Ms. Kayla also provided invaluable support to me as his mother. She ensured that I comprehended all the details during his sessions. 

Recognizing that my son was nonverbal, she guided me in obtaining an evaluation for an AAC device. I will always be grateful for her dedication. 

She genuinely cares about my son and regularly goes above and beyond to check in on him. Our family adored her. 

Ms. Kayla will forever remain a significant presence in our lives. She has played a vital role in enhancing our quality of life, particularly for my son. I have no doubt that she will continue to do the same for numerous other families and their children."

Sabrina T.

"We are so grateful for everything Ms. Kayla has done for our son. She's truly one of a kind and cares about the kids. Our son made incredible progress with his communication skills after she introduced AAC device in our sessions. She really believed that our son was capable of learning how to use (it) and communicate. She was right, my son keeps learning and exceeding in skills using AAC device. Ms. Kayla often went above and beyond for us. Thank you for everything you have done for J!"

Valery J.

"Kayla was amazing as our child's speech therapist. She always went above and beyond when it came to teaching him based on his unique learning style. She thought outside the box and researched other methods of speech learning, such as Gestalt Language Processing, which we would not have known had it not been for her involvement. She always treated our child like she would treat her own children and showed genuine concern for his well being and progress in his development."

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